Island: Gran Canaria

Category: Textiles

Products: Hand woven cushion covers

Ulita’s Loom has been producing natural handloom fabrics since 2007, where she has always sought to apply her artistic sensitivity to the combination of different natural materials, such as silk, wool and linen.

As a specialist in natural dyes, Uli dyes all her wool and silk production with local plants and cochineal. The colors are a reflection of her love for Canarian nature, which she combines with taste and delicacy.

It is a slow and meticulous process but the results are extraordinarily rich in textures and color, unique pieces for personal use such as shawls, pashminas and home textiles made by hand, with dedication and much, much love.

In the case of the cushion covers, the materials chosen were Spanish wool, rustic European linen and recycled cotton. All colors were achieved with natural pigments and dyes.
The different designs are achieved by changing the order of pedaling on Uli’s large loom with 8 heddles, which allows her to make complex patterns, therein lies super concentration and active meditation.