Island: Lanzarote

Category: Food

Products: Sea Salt

Salinas de Janubio has been carrying out traditional salt harvesting activities in Lanzarote for more than 100 years

Janubio sea salt is natural, free from additives or preservatives, and is obtained through traditional methods, by hand and by using rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows.
The harvesting season is between the months of May and October, coinciding with the sunniest months.

It is highly appreciated in gastronomic circles not only for its quality, flavor and properties but also for its brilliance and cleanliness.

Janubio sea salt is free of microplastics, thanks to the natural barrier that borders the lake, which serves as a filter, and also due to its geographical location, the southwestern area of ​​the Island of Lanzarote.

Up to 70 species of migratory birds have been catalogued, which take advantage of the salt flats for resting and feeding, which is why it has been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA). The existence of multiple microorganisms living in salt waters have turned these salt marshes into one of the most important spaces in the Canary Islands for the nesting of a greater number of individuals and varieties of aquatic birds.

This landscape, this biodiversity, this cultural heritage is the hallmark of the island of Lanzarote, thanks to the constant work of salt workers who for more than a century have developed and continue their work at Salinas de Janubio.