Island: Lanzarote

Category: Spirits

Products: Vermut

Created by Davide Musci in 2017, Primo de Lanzarote was the first and original vermouth made in the Canary Islands.

Davide has long dedicated himself to the production of digestive liqueurs, mistelas with fruits, herbs, researching traditional recipes from the Canary Islands.

Following the tradition of his city of origin, Turin, he thought of making a Vermouth, betting on using a unique quality wine, the wine from Lanzarote island that he loves and where he chose to live.

Thus, the original recipe for the first vermouth of the Canary Islands was born, re-elaborating recipes and experiments carried out a few years before, macerating native herbs and plants such as wormwood, coriander, thyme, elderberry, canary sage, Canarian saffron, Indian prickly pear and oranges from Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, but above all using wine from grapes grown in
Lanzarote, from the Malvasia Volcánica and Diego varieties.

White and red vermouth have been made using the same wine base but with macerations of different herbs and spices.
In the white vermuth there is a predominance of the the aromaticity of Malvasía, whereas in the red there are more bitter notes and a ruby ​​color due to the infusion of prickly pear fig and palm “honey”.

The original recipes include, whenever possible, the use of herbs and products native to the Canary Islands.