Island: Lanzarote

Category: Candles

Products: Beeswax Candles

Pecoreados Artesanía is an artisan workshop dedicated to making natural beeswax candles.
Yanet and Alfonso are inspired by the work of foraging bees that collect nectar and pollen from flowers for the hive.

Their candles carry the vibration of the thousands of flowers that bees visit every day to make honey, and their designs are the result of 30 years of experience and innovation.

They believe in work done from the heart, in the poetry of what the hands create.
The result is a unique and natural product with which they take care of your health and fill the most special moments with light.

Pecoreados Artesanía is committed to creating a sustainable, artisan product without compromising future generations, so they use beeswax which is renewed naturally every year in the hives.
Out of deep respect for nature and health, Pecoreados does not use artificial colors or aromas. From the sheet of wax, they cut and roll each of their candles completely manually.

To light the candle, remove the paper label and light the candle on a candle holder, in a safe place away from drafts.
To extinguish it before it runs out, immerse the wick in the liquid wax for a few seconds and turn it straight again, this way it stays waxed (you can use the back of the match).