Island: Tenerife

Categories: Bags

Products: Handcrafted fabric purses and bags

Nisamar González, the person behind Artusual, is an artist from Tenerife with a degree in Fine Arts since 2003.

In 2013 she created her project with the aim of introducing art into people’s daily lives. For several years she handcrafted textile accessories with print designs that she created from her own illustrations.

An important value of her accessories is the quality of the materials, so she opted for textile cork as it is a resistant, natural and biodegradable material, and organic cotton.

However, her project evolved and in 2020 she began to bring art closer to her audience through online and in-person classes and workshops, and by painting portraits and personalized illustrations.

Currently, Artusual as an accessories brand has come to an end, and has become a space where you can learn and acquire art.