Island: Lanzarote

Category: Food

Products: Sauces and jams

Mama Trina‘s story is a mix of love for gastronomy, passion for the Canary Islands and the desire to share the authentic flavors of these beautiful islands with the world.

Founded with deep roots in Canarian tradition, Mama Trina has become a beacon of quality and authenticity in the food industry.

They are inspired by the beauty of this corner of the world, its rich culinary history and the generosity of its land. Their mission is to bring the essence of the Canary Islands to your home, through our carefully crafted products.

The main ingredient of these products is affection cooked at low temperature, in the heart of a Yé’s humble family, a village that on the shadow of the La Corona’s volcano, in the North of the island of Lanzarote.

Mama Trina‘s products will take you on an exciting journey through the flavor and tradition of the Canary Islands.