Island: Tenerife

Category: Woodwork

Products: Pens, bowls, cutting boards, spoons, soap holders, spinnig tops, slingshots, decoration objects.

José Luis Santos is a woodwork artisan from Tenerife specilized in transforming tree roots in beautiful works of art.


The artist in his own words:

Hello, my name is José Luis Santos Trujillo and I love Tenerife, the land where I was born and has seen me grow up.
I am often asked how I am able to create such beautiful pieces from the roots of the trees that also grow here.
It’s simple, I answer. Where people see a root, I only see the work of art hidden within.

Nature provides me with the raw material I need: tree heather, mulberry, acacia…

One windy days, some trees may fall and their roots are exposed. People know my craftsmanship and save those previously buried treasures for me.

The ocean also remembers me. After a wavy high tide I usually go down to the beach and in the wet sand I find pieces of wood tanned by salt.

Once the root is clean of stone and dirt, I take it in my hands and present it to the lathe.

I look for a way to make it as centered as possible so that it is not unbalanced when turning it.

There is always the risk of the art piece breaking while being molded on the lathe. A danger that increases if there is an error in the choice of support points.