Island: Lanzarote

Category: Jewelry

Products: Artistic silver jewelry

Fardatxeta Joies is a jewelry brand created by Laia, a jewelry artisan.

The idea of ​​her artistic jewelry project was born from this feeling: looking, photographing, searching, discovering, and admiring everything that a natural place offers us.

Laia trained and specialized in artistic jewelry at EASD Llotja, Barcelona, ​​and shortly after she moved to Lanzarote, where she resides and has her own workshop.

Living on this island is a source of constant inspiration. Almost all of her collections exude and show the richness and beauty of her.

Lanzarote is sea, fire, earth and air. By materializing these shapes and textures into her jewelry, inspired by nature, Laia aims to highlight its beauty and give it the importance and respect it deserves.

Fardatxeta jewelry is designed for people who admire and respect nature and appreciate the value of things made by hand, at their own pace and with the care they deserve.

It is in Lanzaroe where Laia imagines, designs and creates all of her collections.

The process of creating and making these jewelry is completely artisanal: from the first ideas and sketches to having the final piece, each of Laia’s creations passes through her hands from start to finish.