Island: Tenerife

Category: Clothing

Products: Hand Printed Organic Cotton Apparel

Chorlito is a clothing brand based in Tenerife.

The initial idea for ​​the project arised from creating a product from scratch, without outsourcing any part of the design and production process. Going from the initial idea to the tangible object, all in one place.

The brand transforms their tastes and concerns into designs that they then bring to life on textile support, through artisanal screen printing.

Chorlito creates limited series of designs that they continually renew.
They continue to learn every day about a wonderful profession that, in its essence, is unrelated to technological advances. They simply put the spotlight on patience and things well done, instead of the rush and immediacy prevailing nowadays.

Since the beginning, in 2015, Chorlito has only worked with environmentally friendly materials and with the people involved in their manufacturing. They believe there is no other option.