Island: Tenerife

Category: Cosmetics

Products: Wool Soaps

by Muchacha is an experimentation workshop where design objects are created with fabrics and natural fibers worked by hand.

A team of women from various disciplines, backgrounds and talents work under the artistic direction of Ainhoa ​​Lafuente, founder of by Muchacha, captivated by the creative possibilities of wool: a raw material that is naturally resistant, flexible, insulating, fireproof and with a excellent response to bacteria, mold and dirt.

In their workshop in Tenerife they use wool with an innovative vision of craftsmanship that reclaims and updates the ancient craft of felting, designing objects that combine modernity, functionality and beauty.

The sheep’s wool is felted, both in its natural appearance and dyed with natural dyes according to very demanding quality standards, to shape original handmade objects full of personality and beauty. It is a slow pace, a manual process, without machines.

By combining wool with other textile fibers such as natural silks, cotton gauze, ramie or linen, they achieve different textures, shapes and transparencies, which allows them to approach the design and creation of different objects.

The pieces that are born in the workshop, from the ancient technique of felting and respect for the environment, constantly evolve towards new horizons. Art and feeling in each piece, handmade in the Canary Islands.