Island: Lanzarote

Category: Booklets

Products: Booklets made with recycled paper and manual printing

Barcoprint is an artisanal screen printing workshop in Lanzarote, specialized in printing on paper and textiles.

Natividad Betancor and Elena Betancor joined in this adventure to express their passion for the art of printing and for things made by hand, with a different and personal touch, with makes each job unique and different.

The artistic awareness and responsibility of this project, which began in 2015, is still in force on the part of its two founders although currently, in practice, the workshop work is under the responsibility of Elena Betancor who continues to give continuity to this artistic adventure.

At Barcoprint the processes are completely manual, using manual screen printing and water-based inks, taking great care of the finishes.

Screen printing is a printing technique, which is done in layers of color. A template is used to reproduce the design as many times as you want, and the colors are superimposed until the final design is complete.